Doha Triathlon is wetsuit optional

Doha Triathlon is wetsuit optional

If you are wondering if you need a wetsuit to participate in the Doha Triathlon, here is our advice.

The water is expected to be around 20oC. At this temperature, ITU rules designate the swim as wetsuit optional for all race distances.

In practice, for inexperienced swimmers, we advise wearing a wetsuit for the Olympic distance 1500m swim. However, the temperature is not extreme and experienced swimmers from colder countries may have no concerns. “Wetsuit optional” means that you decide.

In the Super Sprint/Youth 4 race, we expect quite a few first timers will be participating and do not expect all to own wetsuits. At the 9:00am start of this race, the air temperature will be warm and for a distance of 375m, swimmers will be in the water a relatively short time.

In summary – wearing a wetsuit is optional but advised for longer distance, weaker swimmers and those unused to the cold.


A scuba or surfing wetsuit will keep you warm but is not easy to swim in. Be sure to try it out before race day

Triathlon wetsuits are designed for swimming. They are close fitting, flexible and increase buoyancy but if borrowing or buying a suit, again be sure to practice. Your first swim in a wetsuit can feel a bit unnatural.

Apply baby oil or a specialist anti-chafe product around your neck to prevent wetsuit ‘burn’ but don’t use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) as it degrades neoprene.

If swimming without a suit, prepare by taking cold showers in the days before the race. This will ready you for the shock of entering cold water.