Qetaifan Island North Triathlon 2024


Register for the fifth and final Qatar National Triathlon Series event – Qetaifan Island North Triathlon, Meryal Waterpark Triathlon. The event will have a Super Sprint distance triathlon for individuals and teams from 12 y/o and above and a Youth Aquathlon for kids from 7 to 11 y/o.

Registration closes on the 7th of MAY 2024, noontime or when the event is sold out.

NOTE: This is a DRAFT Legal, Road Bike ONLY event.

Schedule, Friday, 10 May 2024:

  • 04:30 am: Race Pack Collection
  • 05:30 am: Youth Aquathlon Start (Mass Start)
  • 05:50 am: MALE Super Sprint Start (Rolling Wave Start)
  • 06:00 am: FEMALE Super Sprint Start (Rolling Wave Start)
  • 06:05 am: Youth Super Sprint Start (Mass Start)
  • SWIM CUT OFF: 45 Minutes after the Start (All remaining athletes on the water will be DNF)
  • 08:00 am: Apprx: Awards Ceremony

Note: This is the schedule. However, times are subject to change if required

Arriving at the Venue:

  • Make sure you arrive maximum by 05:45! The road will be closed after that to secure the bike course.
  • Parking is available at the Meryal Waterpark Underground Parking. [Click Here] (Pin Location)
  • Sign-on registration is in the Meryal Waterpark Lobby Area. [Click Here] (Pin Location)
  • Each participant will be given an entry bracelet to enter the park (please return your bracelet when leaving the premises). You can know more about Meryal Waterpark by clicking here

Race Distances:

  • Main Super Sprint Triathlon (STRICTLY 16+ YO): 375m Swim (1 lap) – 11km Bike (2 laps) – 3km Run (3 laps).
  • Team Relay Triathlon (Minimum age 16 YO): 375m Swim (1 lap) – 11km Bike (2 laps) – 3km Run (3 laps) (ONLY 20 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE)
  • Youth Super Sprint (12-13 & 14-15 YO): 375m Swim (1 lap) – 10km Bike (2 laps) 3km Run (3 laps). (ONLY 20 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE)
  • Youth Aquathlon (7-9 & 10-11 YO): 250m Swim (1 lap) – 3km Run (3 Laps). (ONLY 20 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE)

Parents must be aware of the distances, the heat, and be sure that their kids can finish it.

Race Map: 



Age Groups for Super Sprint Triathlon (M/F):

  • (Youth) 12-13 y/o
  • (Youth) 14-15 y/o
  • 16 – 19 y/o
  • 20 – 29 y/o
  • 30 – 39 y/o
  • 40 – 49 y/o
  • 50+ y/o
  • Team Relay (Minimum age 16 YO)
  • Special Awards 40 – 49 y/o Qataris
  • Special Awards 50+ y/o Qataris

IMPORTANT NOTE: Athletes fall into the age group with reference to his/her age on the 31st of December

Age Groups for Youth Aquathlon (M/F):

  • 7-9 y/o
  • 10-11 y/o

IMPORTANT NOTE: Athletes fall into the age group with reference to his/her age on event day.

Registration Fees:

  • Super Sprint Triathlon: 200 QAR
  • Team Relay Super Sprint Triathlon: 250 QAR
  • Youth Aquathlon: 70 QAR

Bag Drop Off:

  • Athletes can leave their bags at the specified area (NO BAGS IN TRANSITION)
  • Expect some queues while dropping off/collecting your bag
  • When collecting bags, the athlete must show his/her bib number

Start Protocol:

  • Wave start (5 seconds gap between each wave).
  • Give priority to faster swimmers.

Finish Area:

  • Athletes & spectators are NOT allowed to remain at the finish area after crossing the finish line
  • Once you cross the finish line, proceed to the specified area for refreshments
  • Once you cross the finish line, our officials will take off your timing chip

Rules & Regulations:

  • World Triathlon “Competition” Rules will be applied. Please check it here

Swimming Rules (In addition to what is in World Triathlon Competition Rules):

  • Swimming is at your own risk and responsibility. You must be able to cover the swim distance without any assistance.
  • Wetsuits are NOT allowed.
  • Buoyancy devices, fins, and paddles are NOT allowed.

Transition Rules (In addition to What is in World Triathlon Competition Rules):

  • The transition zone (TZ) will open at 04:30 am and close at 05:45 am. (05:15 am for Youth Aquathlon TZ).
  • Athletes are not allowed inside transition after 05:45 am. (05:15 am for Youth Aquathlon TZ).
  • Spectators/family/friends/etc are NOT allowed in transition.
  • Bags are NOT allowed inside transition.
  • Athletes are allowed to have a towel on the floor inside the transition.
  • Only equipment that is used during the race is allowed inside transition.
  • There will be a designated area for Team Relay competitors to receive their timing chip from their teammate.
  • Team Relay athletes are NOT allowed to leave their designated zone to collect their timing chip.
  • Team Relay athletes who finished their designated leg are NOT allowed to stay in the timing chip handover area.
  • Riding your bike inside transition is NOT allowed.
  • Before entering the transition, make sure you have your helmet on your head and your bike is ready so our officials can check it.
  • Bikes that have open/uncovered drop ends will not be allowed into transition.
  • Cracked or loose helmet straps are NOT allowed.
  • After finishing swimming & cycling, make sure you rack your bike and place your swim gear in your designated area.
  • You are only allowed to ride your bike AFTER the mount line.
  • You must get off your bike BEFORE the dismount line.

Bike Rules (In addition to What is in World Triathlon Competition Rules):

  • Drafting is ALLOWED.
  • ONLY road bikes are allowed.
  • TT Bikes & Helmets are NOT allowed.
  • Men are NOT allowed to draft behind women.
  • Women are NOT allowed to draft behind men.
  • Drafting behind the opposite gender will result in DSQ.
  • Littering and disposing of energy gels/food during the bike leg is NOT allowed.
  • The bib number must be on the back while cycling.
  • Athletes MUST have their bib number on.
  • The bike course has turns, U-turns, and corners.
  • Athletes must take care of their own safety and the safety of others.
  • No outside assistance is allowed in case of a mechanical failure.
  • Athletes are responsible for the safety and functionality of their bikes & helmets.

Running Rules (In addition to What is in World Triathlon Competition Rules):

  • Athletes are NOT allowed to run with bare torso. Athletes must always cover their upper body & thighs.
  • Littering is only allowed during the run leg in the designated littering zone.
  • Littering zone start and finish will be marked.
  • Bib number MUST be present in the front during the run leg.
  • Littering outside the littering zone is a rule violation.

 General Rules & information:

  • Athletes must return their timing chip. Failure to do so, the athlete must pay 500 QAR.
  • The timing chip must be placed on the left foot ankle.
  • Our officials are available to assist you. Kindly adhere to their instructions.
  • We strongly advise you to stay hydrated and use sunscreen.
  • Detailed parking areas and course maps will be shared soon.
  • The race course will be marked. However, it is the athlete’s responsibility to follow the course and count their laps.


  • The First three athletes in all race categories must attend the ceremony to be eligible for prizes.