Get ready for a fifth year of Tri series!

Dust off your TriSuit! The Qatar National Triathlon Series 2021/22 is about to get underway for the fifth year.

Again, there are five events: Katara, Lusail City, back to Katara, then Doha Triathlon, finally reaching the finishing leg, planned for the Hilton Salwa in March.

Every year the series gets more ambitious and, with some optimism that COVID-19 will not get in the way, the 2021/22 season is no exception. There will be two Olympic distance races and the Asian Cup age group race in November is part of a weekend which sees the first elite international race coming to Qatar. There are now new highlights to rival the Doha Triathlon.

However, after two years of curtailed racing we’ve decided that we must recognise a series winner this year. The champions will be crowned regardless of how many races we are able to complete. Another concession to corona virus: all adult competitors must show they have been fully vaccinated, recovered or have a recent PCR or rapid antigen test negative result, according to the prevailing MoPH guidance on race day. Under 12s will be regarded as having the same status as their parents.

To count for the overall ranking, you must be a QCTF member and last season’s membership has now expired. Unlike previous years, it will not be possible to buy membership with the race entry. If you w<ant lower fees and to be counted in the series, it’s now time to join up.

There is a perceptible buzz surrounding triathlon this year – growing numbers, a thirst for events and achieving wider public consciousness via the prominent successes of Qatari women on the world stage.

If you are thinking of joining us, we can offer you no better advice than the words of Qatar’s first Ironwoman, Lolwa Almarri“You will never be ready. Don’t wait for the right moment. Take your caffeine and train!”.

See you on the start line for Qatar National Triathlon Series 2021/22.